(Ko Company) [Pandora] Lookies



 I ‘m glad this was requested. It’s another film I had forgotten about, and it a good one!

Sora is here, it’s been awhile since we’ve talked about him. That wasn’t intentional I swear! XD I know I told you guys I didn’t like him because he looks wayyyy too much like a guy I used to work with, but that’s totally not the reason you haven’t been seeing him much.

Actually, with all that being said, scene one with him in it is really good. It’s one of the ones I like the most in this film. It’s good, clean , horny sex and you can’t go wrong with it. I don’t know why, but watching a guy have sex with his shirt on from time to time is really sexy. Sometimes I like that they’re not totally naked, it almost seems a little more lewd. Weird right?

Anywhore, our cute smiling JGV model Shota is in this film too, (Scene 2). Obviously I liked his scene as well. Although, I think I liked Sora’s more. *_* Maybe as time goes on I can appreciate him more because I don’t see that co-worker anymore lol.

The scene I liked the most is a really nice rape scene that’s right before the last scene. I think it was directed really well and was rather rough and unforgiving. To me the ‘victim’ was really believable but you know on the inside he was enjoying every minute! But don’t feel bad for him, in the last scene he’s with T-san and the sex is more gentle and tender. ^_^ A+ film in my opinion!



2 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Pandora] Lookies

  1. Yay! Thank you for this one! I really like Sora’s scene, but as a whole I really enjoy the whole film!
    Thanks again!


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