(Acceed) Men In Heat



Absolutely adorable! Super Cute! Terrible Acting! I loved it! ^_^

Watching this reminded me why I love this label. Also, I miss my 2012 Acceed boys, they were so cute and horny. They will always have a special place in my heart. ❤

These scenes are so cheesy and adorable, it made me happy! I have to split my favorites up for this film. For the best sex, I’d go with scene one. It was passionate plus Toru and Tenma have really good chemistry. My favorite part was in the beginning when they were “fighting” over who would be on top and had to play rock, paper, scissors to settle it. XD


As far as cuteness I have to give it to Kouji in scene two. He was adorable pretending to be sick so he could go see the school Dr. he has a crush on. Then again when is Kouji not adorable?!

insta (2)

So, in the past I mentioned Japan has a real issue with bullies forcing students into gay orgies. Well, they als have an issue with students routinely carrying lube and sex toys with them to school like in scene three. They should also have someone checking classrooms…I mean, for a school, no one is ever around to catch these boys doing it on the desks! And don’t give me that “It’s after school” excuse! They many not have janitors roaming the halls, but I’m sure other students and teachers are! XD



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