(Ko Company) [Ko East] Inside Of Escort Boys Work


Hey! Guys! I love this! I think I have a film to add to my favorites. ^_^

However, this film had me asking a lot of questions. Ko Company not only makes porn, but also offers escort services. They have a website which I have visited in the past but never really looked at. After watching this film I went back to the website (as each escort was advertised after their scene). While there I noticed that sexual acts were offered from oral, to receiving anal, and giving anal. This had me thinking…”hold on…isn’t prostitution illegal in japan?” Yes, yes it is. However, the law is very technical and businesses are very good at creeping around it. After researching for a good 30 minutes and then spending another 15 trying to figure out how to explain it, I managed to find someone who could put it into simple terms without dragging it out for two days.

“In Japan there is a difference between the “sex industry” and “prostitution” That’s why you are able to see many clubs and other places like soap lands.

Article 3 of the Anti-Prostitution Law:
Japanese law defines prostitution as “intercourse with an unspecified person in exchange for payment,”

Note the key word: INTERCOURSE. In this case vaginal intercourse. Note that anal sex is not prohibited and legal if you read the law.

This is why, businesses that offer other types of sexual services are legal and regulated.

Soaplands, clubs etc where people pay for sexual type of services are NOT considered prostitution under the law. In fact these places ARE regulated by the Japanese law: It is known in Japanese as the: 風俗営業等の規制及び業務の適正化等に関する法律 or Businesses Affecting Public Morals Regulation Law.

Essentially speaking, any service provided by the sex industry other than direct “intercourse” is legal and regulated under Japanese law, and is strictly by law not defined as “prostitution”.

With this information, just keep in mind you can literally go to japan and buy some time with your favorite model. 0_0

There are a LOT of guys on there, most of them are popular too. In fact..through looking at the website I found out that Ayumu is still active!! Well in the escort business anyway. I was totally shocked by that fact! He eyebrows are “on fleek” too. XD


You can copy the link below and go check it out, you’ll be able to find out their orientation, whether they will give or receive anal and of course their schedule. You can always use google translate to help you read it although it doesn’t change everything. Here is an example of a profile.

Website: http://www.dgdgdg.com


OKay! Now that that’s out of the way, on to the film. It was great! I loved every scene! The Escorts were very professional and took excellent care of their guests. I refuse to pick a favorite because I enjoyed them all. Scene one with Takashi was erotic, he’s clearly quite experienced. I liked scene two because I enjoy watching smaller guys top bigger guys. (its cute!). There was a soapland kind of scene that was really fun to watch and the last scene I enjoyed because I like watching bigger guys top smaller guys…(its reverse cute!). The entire film is worth watching, maybe twice! I have nothing bad to say about it at all.





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    today i cannot find the web page [😭] …. is it some error on all post?




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