(Ko Company) [Pandora] I Love You Best In The World


I have come to the following conclusion! I’ve decided to take after Taemin and from here on will only be “talkin about what I know about”. (5 points if you know what song that is!)

Some post will be more detailed, some won’t. I find that because I want to post regularly, there are quite a few times when I will have to post something I haven’t seen or barely have seen. Soooo, those posts won’t be as detailed as this film or others I have seen multiple times. Just an FYI.

Anywho! It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about Tomoya and Toshi! ^_^

The storyline in this film…it’s nothing new, but it’s so darn cheesy~! If you’ve ever watched a Japanese or Korean Drama you’ll probably recognize the story line right away. It’s pretty overused, and yet…never gets old!

This film begins 2 years after Toshi and Tomoya’s “Incest Mania 3” Scene (which I just realized I haven’t posted yet) where Tomoya tells Toshi they shouldn’t continue their taboo relationship because it isn’t right. They haven’t seen each other in that time, and after a flash back to their last conversation, we find out that Tomoya is missing Toshi.

Episode 1:

Toshi has just been released from the hospital after being in an accident that caused him to lose his memory -_- …really Pandora…he lost his memory?…is that your final answer? Are you prepared to go with this generic storyline? Ok…let’s go.


For some reason Toshi is being taken care of by a guy he barely knows instead of…you know his family. Well, we know the reason, if it were his parents or family taking care of him there wouldn’t be any chance for him to have sex with Tomoya! XD

The two of them go home and go to sleep. Later, Toshi wakes up from a Nightmare and his random caretaker is there to make him feel better. He tries to kiss toshi and get him in the mood but Toshi refuses…which makes sense because he JUST HAD A NIGHTMARE…bro, get off his nuts!

Toshi gives into him eventually though..I don’t like this sex scene. This scene was the first time I saw the model Toshi was paired with. I thought the sex between them was awkward because it was scripted that way. You know, to make you appreciate the sex between Toshi and Tomoya more…but no…I’ve seen him since and…yeh that’s just how he has sex…short, angry, awkward bursts and then repositioning to do it again. 0_0

Morning comes and the little douche has left toshi. 😦 I feel bad for him, but then again that’s what happens when you let a random person take care of you…but honestly…with amnesia, isn’t everyone a random person?


Episode 2:

Toshi runs into Tomoya.

insta (5)

Tomoya is surprised that Toshi doesn’t recognize him and Toshi of course tells him “Yo! I don’t know who you be! I has the amnesia!”. Ok, maybe not in those exact words. Or was it?!?


Moving on, instead of being responsible and telling Toshi that he is his older brother, he tells him they were really close and use to date. -_-  Which isn’t a lie…but still!

We skip a few months into the future and the two are at Tomoya’s house having some conversation, which there use to be a translation for, but was lost when Paradox 5 took down their site. It’s playfulness mostly. Tomoya reminds toshi of how he use to do pocky kisses with him all the time.


Then they do the do!

Episode 3:

And so begins a beautiful relationship between a man and his brother…that doesn’t know he screwing his brother. *_*

Episode 4:

Now that the two of them are officially dating they proceed to…go on vacation, I think. They’re celebrating something, I just don’t know what.


Anyway, they get freaky in the kitchen.

Then go to watch fireworks. While watching the fireworks , Toshi gets his memory back in the most absurd way! XD

insta (2)

Seriously! Really Toshi!?

He’s understandably upset with Tomoya and runs away to pout for a little bit. Tomoya follows him and apologizes. Toshi forgives him. With sex. Because this is a JGV.

~The End!~

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8 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Pandora] I Love You Best In The World

  1. You’re back!
    And Toshi/Tomoya is such a classic jgv pair…legendary Id even say lol
    I like the films with them together because they have such good chemistry and this one is no exception!

    Thanks, Lana!
    Glad you’re back 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. You’re doing God’s work, Lana! (God’s a JGV fan, right??! lol) But anywho, Toshi is bar none my favorite JGV Model so I’m always appreciate of uploads with him! Thanks again!!!! ^-^

    Liked by 1 person

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