(Ko Company) [Pandora] My Sweet Devil

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Awwww, they’ve accepted their love. ^_^

Sometime you just gotta say “Screw you society! I’m gay for my brother!”

Ooooook, Here’s the deal with this film. I love/hated it. When it came out, I really wanted to see it because…

  1. 1. I liked Toshi/Tomoya

  2. 2. It had Eiji in it. ^_^

The film is super cute and fun, but there were two issues with it.

  1. You know how the top pulls out and takes off their condom to cum? I’m sure you’ve also noticed that there’s a cut so you don’t have to watch them aggressively jerk off for an extended period of time right? Yeh well, you have to watch Tomoya aggressively  jerk off  a few times because they don’t cut anything out…It goes on for a while too, and Toshi is just laying there the whole time like…


2. When Toshi and Tomoya go on their outings, the camera work is really shaky. I actually couldn’t finish watching it because it made me a little nauseous. :/

To be honest with you, my favorite part of this entire film was episode 2 when Tomoya goes to a bar and gets drunk. Eiji is the bartender and has a crush on him, he kisses Tomoya while he’s drunk, but then it’s obvious he only has eyes for Toshi. So being the good guy he is, Eiji calls toshi to come and get Tomoya.

After they leave Eiji is sad, then notices Tomoya left his handkerchief there and touches himself while smelling it…I hope the bar was closed at least…geez Eiji! XD Anyway, we get to see his fantasy of having sex with Tomoya. That scene I really enjoyed. It was quite romantic and erotic. I especially loved how Eiji kept moaning Tomoya’s name through the entire scene.

Overall, this is a good Toshi/Tomoya film, but I mainly revisit for Eiji. 😛



7 thoughts on “(Ko Company) [Pandora] My Sweet Devil

  1. Yay more Toshi/Tomoya! I’m glad you’re giving the synopses because, not gonna lie, I just end up skipping to the hot scenes lol

    But I liked that Eiji fantasy too 🙂

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  2. OMG!!
    Thank U so MUCH!! I really love the story of ToshixTomoya ❤ I'm sorry, my english is so bad :/ Whatever~ I´ve spent so much time finding all DVDs of Tomoya and Toshi love, now here I´ve found two of the videos that I really want to see again, Thanks a lot :'3

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  3. just commenting here…have you guys watched or have Tomoya’s jgv called “white label/white premium” and “black label/black premium”. i’m not so sure on the titles….but i’ve watched some times ago the “white label” jgv…..kinda okay…but it has no Toshi in it…. XD


  4. I’m really crying bc I love Toshi, he’s my favorite JGV Model to date… but Tomoya is just gross to me somehow?!?! Like I’ve never found him attractive and I’m probably the only person in the world who thinks he and Toshi don’t have good sex chemistry? I watch them anyway because I love me some Toshi, but meh! 😥 I wish I could like him so I could appreciate his work with Toshi more! But even seeing him with Eiji, he’s just not my thing. He feels clumsy… And all of his laughs sound so fake or forced. I just can’t. Lol. Thanks for posting Lana!! <3333

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  5. You know what, I’m not even done with my Tomoya Kikuchi rant. I’m still mad, lol! He’s a bad kisser! Stop face-swallowing people! His haircuts are always stupid! Eiji didn’t even get really hard for him, and Eiji is usually pretty good about staying hard in his scenes! Blahhh!!! I mean okay Tomo has his funny moments at times, like in one of those pandora films where he was teasing Toshi’s cock right after Toshi came, and then Toshi got revenge by doing the same to him after he came. And Tomo was like “omg omg im sorry im sorry” loll. But still!! Okay end rant, back to the happiness that is Toshi.

    Toshi is so versatile, he really knows how to roll with the punches. Top or bottom, doesn’t even matter! Even though it takes a little more work to get him hard than most other KO models around his time..maybe performance anxiety, lol. Though I especially love him as a top because he makes THE hottest faces when he tops. He’s quite attentive to his partner. I always find it hella funny when he tops guys bigger than him.

    And he’s so silly! His laughter and smiles are quite contagious, and you see sooooo much of them! I also love that he’s super short and just a little chubby, his appearance totally fits his personality!

    My absolute FAVORITE Toshi scene is the second one in Arigatou Toshi with Tsukasa (my second favorite JGV model). There’s no goofy plotline or anything, it’s just the two of them catching up for a bit before going at it. Even without understanding Japanese, watching the intro (before sex scene) and outro (after sex scene) you won’t be able to stop yourself from smiling because the both of them have great chemistry, and are actually friends. At one point the camera guy actually refers to them as the golden pair, lol. Toshi tops and of course his faces are amazing. He compliments Tsukasa’s clothes before pulling them off, it’s just so adorable lol~! Tsukasa is an amazing bottom, and is extremely sensitive as per the usual lol. They were so into the moment even after they both finished that the cameraman had to be like “So… how was it?” and they both snapped into reality and started cracking up! Lollll

    I’ve only ever seen one Toshi scene that I didn’t like, and I’m not gonna thinking about it cuz it pisses me off lmao. I can’t remember what film it was in, but he was partnered with a black guy. But that’s not why I disliked the scene! (I’m a 26 y/o black girl lol I like black guys so that’s def not the issue!) So off top I was skeptical because the dude had (unsurprisingly) a huge cock. So I was like “Oh shit he’s gonna tear my precious Toshi in half, I can’t even bare the thought, I’m just gonna skip this scene altogether” but as I was fast forwarding, I saw that Toshi was topping him. So I was like okay cool I guess I’ll give this a shot. Boy was I wrong, a few minutes later dude starts topping Toshi and he’s like sooooo violent??!?! Like ridiculously!? I was fuming!!! And after they finished and the cameraman is all interviewing them or whatever and Toshi was like “not I know the difference between foreigner and japanese penis” and he said himself that the sex was quite violent lol. UGHHHH! I gotta find that guy and smack him upside his shit for abusing my precious cinnamon roll.

    Sorry for this long spam. I’m gonna shut up now, just had to get it all out! LOL

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